Well Lydia got to where she couldn't even swallow and had lost so much
muscle weight. We decided to take her in today to be PTS. It seemed
very peaceful and I have my doubts she would have made it another day
at home anyway. I stayed with her until her very last moment and then
took her to a wonderful (and affordable) pet cremation place. I'm very
sad to lose her. She was truly one of a kind. But it was her time and
I hope I will see her in my next lifetime. Thank you to those who have
helped so graciously with info and also to whoever runs this site. It
has been an amazing place to come across and just when I needed it
most. We believe our Lydia was born with FeLV since she has been
fairly skinny her whole life (but not emaciated until recently). She
has a sister (my Dewey...named her after my most favorite liquid in
the universe - Mountain Dew) and we will be getting her and our other
cat tested within the next week. Thanks again and I'll let y'all know
the test results.

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