I'm so sorry you lost Lydia, but you made the right decision about
having her PTS.  I also stay with my kitties when they are PTS
and it is such a gentle death, so much kinder than letting them
suffer.  I wish we had the same choice when it's our time to die. 

I also believe I'll see my cats again in my next life, as 
reincarnation makes sense to me. 


> On 10-07, Anndrea DeLozier wrote:  Well Lydia got to where she
>couldn't even swallow and had lost so much muscle weight. We decided
>to take her in today to be PTS. It seemed > very peaceful and I have
>my doubts she would have made it another day > at home anyway. I
>stayed with her until her very last moment and then > took her to a
>wonderful (and affordable) pet cremation place. I'm very > sad to
>lose her. She was truly one of a kind. But it was her time and > I
>hope I will see her in my next lifetime.

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