Be careful with some of the natural products and cats. It is one thing for them to be safe with dogs....
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Thanks to everyone for the ideas, I will run them past my vet today and confirm if he does have fleas or not. He eats from only stainless steel or ceramic bowls but could have been bitten by something to cause the lump under his chin. So far I've found "natural" flea products with neem oil, clover oil, thyme oil, rosemary oil, citronella oil, celery seed oil, eucalyptus oil, cedar oil (combinations of these). I will ask the vet about testing for FIA/Hemobart if he does indeed have the fleas.
Hope to be flea free,
Stacy and Spanky

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Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii . The animal can be sprayed directly with no harm. All
kinds of natural products. - Look under flea control - we use their product to spray around the house so that no fleas can be brought inside and the cats can use
the outdoor enclosures safely. We use Frontline only on cats that are
introduced to the fold...and of course, we check if they have fleas.
The fewer chemicals you use on cats with a compromised immune systems, the

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If you see something under the chin, it could be chin acne, often mistaken for flea dirt. Comes mostly from using porous feeding dishes...try using only ceramic, stainless steel...There are many non-poisonous alternatives against fleas....the cedar one is good. We use nematodes to spray around
the house and with so many cats, have no flea problems.

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I use advantage. FeLV cats are very prone to Hemobartonella, which will cause severe anemia & comes from fleas. ALL my cats get Advantage every month & I have never had a problem. Fleas also cause tape worms which will
deprive the cat of nutrients.
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Hi all...I suspect Spanky may have fleas. I found some flea dirt looking dust and a lump under his chin and also have been seeing little red bugs around but no fleas when I comb him. Some were flying so I thought, they couldn't be fleas. I also have a dog and it has been unseasonably warm here
in WI this week.

Please let me know how you treat an felv kitty with a weak immune system for fleas. I am terrified at the prospect of having to spray my home and treat him. He used to get one of the topicals years ago but vet didn't think that would be good for him now. We have a vet appt tomorrow for ltci injection
and bloodwork.   I am taking some of the sample bugs I collected for

Thanks for your help, Stacy and Spanky

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