Beautiful story, thank you.
I'm beginning to think each FeLV case is a little different -- maybe varying 
degrees of infection, or locale of infection, I don't know.  My mantra is, 
"better safe than sorry."
You obviously loved Taz very much.  My condolensces on his passing.
I too once had a 21 year old cat who was an amazing kitty.  
May all our cats live to 21 -- or longer!
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  Well, this is my opinion and experience with having FELV kitties in the past 
but don't any now.
  My first personal experience was back in mid part of1999 I got a kitten that 
I named Taz was FELV and he died in January 2002. He had it in his bone marrow. 
He died from secondary illnesses. 
  Spent a lot of money on him to try and save him money was not a factor. My 
husband and I didn't care did whatever it took.
  Anyway, I had other personal kitties both young and older adults that lived 
with this kitten up to his passing. They played, ate, shared litter boxes, 
bathe, and slept together during this time. My other kitties were vaccinated 
every year and some were not this was due to the age since I had a few seniors 
at the time when they passed they did not die of FELV. I have to say no one 
tested positive during and after he died. I lost my eldest cat back in March of 
2010 that personally took care of Taz when he was alive. She did not die of 
FELV. She was 21 years old and went into kidney failure. I was with her when 
she died.
  My conclusion is that no one came down with FELV.

  So I guess my point is it is you that can make the decision of whether you 
want to mix or not. 
  There are some of us on this group that do mix and some that do not.
  I do not have the fear of having a FELV kitty and mixing with my personal 

  In rescue I do not mix this is for safety reasons.

  Sultan, WA. 98294
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  Dedicated to the welfare of animals.

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    OK,  I know I am going to get some really strong opinions on this one.   
What I really want is positive feedback from people who have mixed positives 
and negatives.  My Fuji contacted her FeLV from her mom and it didn't show up 
on her initial test.  We did not know she was positive until a mediastinal mass 
developed when she was almost a year old.  She now receives chemo and is doing 
really well. Since her first treatment in July, she has never shown any signs 
of being sick.  

    Today, I "rescued" a stray that I thought for certain would be positive.  
However, the initial test was negative.  I have the cats separated and intend 
to vaccinate as soon as one of my vets gets the vaccine in.  They have been 
introduced to each other and seem as though they will get along quite well.  
Fuji is not a fighter and I cannot see her biting him.  Neither of my vets seem 
to think that mixing them will be a problem.  

    I read the old threads and saw that many of you have mixed with great 
results.  I did not see any stories of mixing where a vaccinated negative 
became positive.  I'm looking for stories of success or failure.  Please share 
your stories!

    Melinda, Fuji and Shadow
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