I just took Lucky to the vet this morning. The vet prescribed L-Lysine for his food 2x daily. Today, the vet said he could just keep taking that indefinitely as "it won't hurt anything." So I'm planning on giving it to him long term.

Glad to hear Murphy is better.  Best of luck to you both.

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It's been a rough two weeks with poor Murphy and his drippy and sneezy nose. He got so lethargic and became congested in the nose that by mid-week he wasn't eating much. I started him last Sunday on the Lysine. He will not eat anything with Lysine added, nor will he go near those expensive Lysine treats that I bought at the vet's office. I didn't try it in the water because I have water
all over the house 2-3 dishes for him and Rosie and also a 5 gallon water
dispenser for the 3 Australian Shepherds that co-rule our home. The cats drink out of it also. I put the powdered Lysine into the #3 gel caps that I get from my vet. I think I went overboard the first day-gave him 2 in the AM and 1 in the PM-uhhhh oohhhh-he had the runs the next day-poor boy was dripping outta both ends. Not a fun clean up when you have a fluffy cat!! I called the vet and they said I could try saline spray and/or a mild Afrin spray for his nose-steam (he already perches on the toilet seat every night while I shower, so I turned the
fan off to keep the steam in the room). So then I disassembled all the gel
caps-one had doxy and cypro and the other had the lasix and pred. I filled all the empty space in the caps with Lysine and reassembled them. So maybe he was getting 3/4 to a whole caps worth of Lysine 2x a day. On Thursday I gave him his LTCI and Procrit injections-he's once a week on each. He was still sleeping alot
Friday, but his nose was less drippy and he seemed brighter. Today he is
following me all around the house and is more involved and talking again.
Oh-another thing I tried, on Wednesday I diluted some Afrin nasal spray with 2 parts saline spray and gave him a few squirts into the snoot- He went into 4 wheel drive trying to escape! He was not a happy kitty at all, so it may have
helped for a short while, I only did it once. Thank goodness he is such a
forgiving soul. He is feeling much better today, hardly any sneezing and barely any drips. He was jabbering away in the kitchen this morning, sitting on his little throne (I have a little plastic step cuz I'm short. It's in the corner of the kitchen and he claims it as his throne.) He wouldn't shut up until he and Rosie got their 1cc of Interferon and he got his meds, 3 capsules. He sits and waits for them, then when that's done, he expects fresh wet food! Anyway-that's our little update-I am a believer in the Lysine now, but it takes a little time to knock out the Herpes virus that we think flares up whenever his immune system is low. Doe anyone know how long he can be on it? Alice (Rosie and Murphy
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