Can anyone recommend good supplements for a felv+ kitten? Kitten is a stray, 3 
mos, and siblings tested negative all on the snap ELISA. So far, we're giving 
her Hi Vite Drops, Nutrical, Royal Canin Babycat, Innova wet to all 3. We will 
retest in 1 month, and if positive, then retest again on the IFA (we know the 
drill). Should we add Missing Link in addition to the above, or is that 
overkill/not going to help? Any other supplements to try? Someone recommended a 
product called EZ CLEAR but it seems to be used for cats with cancer, don't 
how much help it would be for felv. I also wonder if anyone has tried 
Interferon, or is that after a felv+ diagnosis has been confirmed?

Thanks in advance,


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