Thanks, Alice! I checked out Murphy's photo on facebook and you are right, he's one handsome fellow! Looks a lot like my Lucky, except his fur is longer. Got those lovely white whiskers, too!
Wish you all the best and that he has a long, happy life!
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Murphy is the most beautiful black / white, sorta fluffy tuxedo boy. He was either a throw away or a lost kitty that was in with the ferals-he was a sweet and friendly boy-we posted his photos in the local newspapers and craigslist for a month, not one response. We then took him to clinic to neuter, vaccinate and find a foster home for him so he could find a family. I didn't want him to come to my home with the 5 FeLV kittens I already had rescued from the ferals and had tamed. The clinic called and said he was positive and was going to be euthanized unless I came right away and picked him up. So we brought him home and said it was Murphy's Law-LOL hence his name. He has the biggest paws with 3 thumbs (7
toes) and goes clickity when he walks around the house. He is the official
greeter, like a nosy puppy....loves everyone. I was not a cat person, but
raising the 6 kitties has me totally a cat nut job! I am smitten with his
sweetness and will miss him so much. He has the biggest eyes, maybe part
persian, has a fluffy coat, not real long but is soft and he has a spring loaded
tail that is always straight up in the air. Even with all the meds and
treatments he has had, never held a grudge, he normally comes into the kitchen and waits when it's time. His pic and Rosie's too are on my facebook (along with all my FarmVille therapy!!) if you want to see him, go to my photos and they are under my "random photos" album. We only have 2 out of the 6 that we began
with.  Alice Flowers-Clark
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