Alice - I'm so sorry.  Thank you for all you do for these babies.  Bless you.

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It saddens me greatly to learn of Murphy's passing.  Through your posts and the 
photo, I felt I had come to know the little guy.  I am so sorry for you and 
your family for this loss.  I'm saying prayers that Murphy's spirit is guided 
to The Land Beyond suffering.  And may your hearts be eased knowing you did all 
you could to make his life on this plane as good as possible.
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> Murphy has passed to the bridge tonight to join Buster, Oni, Jack and
> Schatzi-Rosie's 4 brothers that passed last year. He was 2 1/2. Glenn and I 
> saw
> in his eyes tonight that he was tired. He gave it all he had but in the end 
> FeLV
> took him too.We will miss him so much-he filled the house with his incredible
> personality. He always ran to the door to greet everyone-he never knew a
> stranger. I will miss his big, poly-dactyl feet going clickity-click around 
> the
> house and how he could leap up the wall and turn the light switch off and on
> when he chased the laser toy. Rosie will miss giving him vampire kisses-she's 
> a
> tough love kinda girl and she is the last Mohican of the 6 FeLV+ kitties we
> began this journey with. Thanks to all of you for your kindness and caring.
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