This has been a long journey and we have so much to thank all of you for. First 
of all, most of the people in our day to day lives haven't got a clue what we 
are going through. We had Rosie to the vet today for her check up-she's been 
sneezing a bit the last few days. She got her CBC drawn (results tomorrow) and 
she checked out perfect, but a little PennG and cypro to see if we can nip the 
sneezing-so far tonight she has not sneezed. I'll add the Lysine for good 
measure. Murphy did sneeze right in her face a few times recently. She will 
barely touch wet food the last week since Murphy hasn't been eating along side 
of her. Last night about 1 am she was wailing-carrying her toy around the 
Glenn got up and spent some time with her in the living room so I could get to 
sleep, I had to work today. Our vet was so kind-Dr Krysta at the Sacramento Cat 
Hospital and she said they have learned so much with Murphy and treating FeLV 
with open eyes and minds. Thanks to this board, we discovered the Imulan 
LTCI-they ordered it for us over a year ago. I believe it did give us more time 
with Murphy. Thanks to Dawn and the suggestion to try Rutin for the fluid in 
lungs-the vet was amazed at how great his lungs sounded after a short time with 
the Rutin-she said they used it for another condition but had never considered 
using it for FeLV cats and the fluid in their chests with the Lymphoma. When 
Rosie came home from the vet today, she searched the entire house for 
the first time in her life, she is solo. I'm not sure what to do, but time will 
help. I am so grateful for all of your support the last year or so. Our lives 
are much enriched with learning how precious every day is. Gratefully, Alice, 
Glenn and Rosie
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