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Spanky's gum around his fang seems slightly inflamed. Someone on this list (I 
think it was this list) posted a rinse they use for stomatitis/inflammation and 
I can't find the post.  If anyone knows what this is or has another 
alternative, please let me know. 

Spanky's labs a few wks ago were all in the normal range, except as usual the 
WBC is still very low -- only about 2400 (up from 996 a few months ago); HCT 
was at the low end of normal (previous lab was 28%) -- the pet-tinic 2x a day 
seems to have helped. Still, he's more tired/lays around all the time and is 
really slow up and down the stairs and I have trouble getting him to eat.  He 
has gone from 10 lbs down to 8.6 this year and doesn't have much interest in 
food.  I assist feed him on days he won't eat anything.  Anyway, it's 
frustrating as his lab numbers have gotten better or remained the same since 
the last tests  yet he continues to decline. His non healing ulcer on his face 
came back as "consistent with feline eosinphilic granuloma complex" and my vet 
said the treatment for that is steroids which will further depress Spanky's 
immune system. We take it one day at a time and there are days I wonder how 
much longer he will make it :-(  FELV
 stinks and it is sad to see a once strong, vital animal become depressed, 
lethargic and weak because of this awful disease.  

He's on Pet-tinic - 1ML 2x per day, 1/2 cc of Interferon once a day, LTCI 
injection every 2-3 weeks, Transfer factor tri factor plus, lysine and I'm 
putting vit E oil on the facial ulcer. 
I asked the vet about cyproheptadine for an appetite stimulant but I didn't 
really like the side effects. 

Thanks for listening,
Stacy and Spanky


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