I have great success with keeping gums and teeth in good shape with CoQ10,
of which I wrote several times!  The easiest one to use and also least
expensive that I could find, is GNC Vegetarian formula - it is in powder
form in a capsule - sprinkled into food, not detected by cats!  Natalie

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Our expendable dollars were spent in euthanizing a young sweetie in February
and SNAP tests for 7 cats on March 1.  Five cats tested positive.  We have
not done any blood work since my pockets are empty.  I watch nose and gum
The vet saw Pookashay in May.  I had made an appointment to have him
euthanized because his breathing was so rough.  He was better on the
appointment day.  The vet heard a murmur.  She suggested a possible cause
was anemia.  I started him on Aunt Jeni's fish oil after reading a post here
. He has developed a cough in the last several weeks.  We live in the low
land of the Carolina Piedmont - - lots of human allergies and sinusitis.
The cats are outside in a segregated country area and inside at night (not
good air inside either).
I took Pookashay back to the vet earlier this month.  The vet said she did
not hear fluid in his lungs.  She did not think it a productive cough.  She
suggested children's benadryl prn.  When questioned, she said she did not
hear a murmur.
I feed Evo supplementing with a bit of raw beef liver, raw beef heart, Uber
Greens, Aunt Jeni's, lysine and Dr. Belfield's Mega C/Welch's mango juice
and sometimes PetTinic  I quit the acyclovir after 6 months because it
didn't seem to be making any difference.  A different vet had recommended
that.  Some of the cats surely supplement their diet from other sources.
Pookashay wants to stay inside often which has not been like him.  He lost
his front teeth last winter before I knew what was going on.  The vet didn't
say anything about his teeth or gingivitis.
Any comments would be appreciated.  Forgive me for going on and on.  Ours
posts are often hard to read through my tears.  You certainly make the road
less lonely.  we are honored to know you and by the furry souls.
health & laughter; purrs & rubs
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