Hi Peggy,

We had a feline leukemia outbreak in January and lost a 1 1/2 year old cat, 4 kittens (about 6 months old) and the believed "culprit" is the sweetest cat you ever wanted to meet. She is a carrier and may live a long live and shows absolutely no symptoms (tested positive twice). Anyway, there was another 1 year old cat exposed and she tested a light positive (again not showing any signs). She was given a vacinnation at the time and sent home. I had her tested again (although we were sure she had it) the end of September (as we thought she might be showing some symptoms) and she tested negative on both testing ways. They gave her a booster shot yesterday and she is to be tested again the end of December. They feel that if she doesn't show signs then, she should be out of the woods.

Just out of curiousity, what area do you live in?

Lisa in PA

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This is the first email I'm sending out since 1 of my cats got diagnosed
with Felv yesterday.
We have 7 other cats but THANK GOD every single one of them tested negative
We have to have them tested again in 6 months. Do I have to wait that long
or can we have them tested sooner?
We separated Oreo from the rest of the cats and disinfected everything. Oreo
will be lab tested again next week, just to make sure. I heard
false-positives are quit common.
Oreo got put on Clavamox 125 mg to fight the secondary infections. Is the
dosage not to high for a cat? I know that cats normally get 62.5 mg. She
threw up this morning after I gave it to her.
I will call the vet tomorrow and ask the vet about the dosage and if she can
maybe subscribe injections. I hate to have to fight with her every time I
have to give her her meds. Makes me feel so guilty to do this to her. She
has no clue why she has to sit in a seperate room by herself :-(
She also gets pet-tinic and viralys. What else can I do to help her fight of
this infection. She has a cold and a fever.

If she tests positive again next week, we are forced to find a new home for her. Maybe somebody who has no other cats, or someone who has 1 or more cats
with the same condition. I was wondering if anyone knows of anybody who
might be able to take her. We are willing to help pay for the medications
she might need.
She is such a sweet cat and I'm heart broken about this situations! My cats
are my everything!


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