Normal dosage for that would be half that pill twice a day. If you can get her to eat, just crush it in wet food. You can also crush the pills and add them to a liquid and use a syringe (no needle) or a measured dropper. Mix each pill with one or two ml of liquid (2 ml liquid means one ml twice a day, one ml liquid means .5 ml twice a day. Must keep refrigerated and shake very well before each use. You could use the petinic as the liquid.


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Hi Lisa and Natalie,

This type of clavomox is actually the 125 mg pill kind. I like the liquid
better, but I really hope to get an injection type of antibiotics next time.
She seemed to keep it down this evening, but she is not doing so good
overall. Still won't eat and hides under the bed. I can tell by looking at
her bowl that she does drink water, so at least that's good.

I still can't believe that all the other cats tested negative!! That was
such a relief.  I hope Oreo's test was a false positive. That would be
another miracle!

I will talk to the vet about switching antibiotics and dosage. I'm al little
worried because she really needs the help to get rid of this infection. I
hope it's not to late.

Lisa, I live in Alabama.


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