I don't know how many of you are on Facebook, but a friend of mine shared this 
photo album of a homeless tortie and white kitty in NYC:
This is what the girl who posted it says:
"I see this girl every day when I'm walking. She's super friendly and always 
comes over to talk to me. Whoever is taking care of her has given her a box 
with some blankets in it and food and water, but when it rains the box is soggy 
and stays that way. With winter coming up, I'd like to find her a real home and 
I'm unable to take her. Can anyone in the NYC area help? I don't have a car, so 
transporting on my end might be difficult but I'll do whatever I can to help if 
someone else can help her."
I live in South Cakkalakkie, so getting to NYC is a bit of a problem... (haha) 
I don't share any friends with the girl who posted the album (Sara Pegarella), 
but it is possible for anyone to send her a message.
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