Just an update on Spanky's suspected Eosinphilic Granuloma COmplex (EGC).  I 
took him to the dermatologist at our ER center yesterday. We were there for two 
hours and he had to be held in isolation.  He was very stressed out and my 
nerves were shot by the time we left.  

Basically she said she could do a biopsy on the lesions (she did a slide smear 
which was not conclusive but said it didn't like like ECG to her)  and that it 
would be very bloody (the nasal growth) and he would have to wear a cone for 2 
weeks and be anesthetized for the biopsy.  If I was going to put him through 
surgery in his fragile state I would find a laser/cryotherapy surgeon to just 
take them all off.  I don't think there is  a good chance that he would make it 
through surgery or recover afterward. I left there with not a lot of hope and 
clavamox (in case he has some respiratory issue/bacterial issues). No idea how 
he will do on clavamox though. 

The derm thought the large lesion in his nasal planum looked similar to Bowen's 
in situ carcinoma but again she'd have to remove it and have it biopsied to be 
sure.  One of his other growths is starting to change and turn color (the one 
by his ear) and he has one in his whiskers that is just black and crusty.  

After our 2+ hour appt, I brought him home and he laid on the bed and wouldn't 
move.   Then at night he started limping with his front leg this time instead 
of the back leg.   He's weak and tired.   THe cyproheptadine is helping him to 
eat but I think he's still losing weight and could possibly have 

I found a topical cream that is called Imiquimod or Aldara-and I think the 
dermatologist may have mentioned it as well. It isn't a cure but  an immune 
response modifier 5% cream topical for feline bowens or herpes virus infection 
sores that may slow the growth.  But of course as with everything there can be 
side effects. The derm didn't think the steroid cream I'm giving him currently 
would do much. Then there is the black salve and tonics. 
It is just very depresssing, stressful and seems so hopeless at times. 

Thanks for listening. 
Stacy and Spanky


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