Spanky has not been doing well this week. He's very low energy more than 
normal, weak and won't get out of bed unless I pick him up and make him get up 
and walk around. He's been eating fair with an appetite stimulant and using his 
litter box  - again when I get him up and take him near it.  His gums and 
tongue seem okay for him - not white and he's on pet-tinic 2x per day.  

When I took him to the dermatologist, she prescribed clavamox for him just in 
case he had an infection but then my regular vet had me hold off since we did 
the neoplasene salve on him.  Now I am wondering if I should try giving him the 
antibiotic anyway "just in case".  I gave him fluids for the past 2 nights also 
- 50 ml and last night almost 100ml  because he's not drinking very much.  

In any case, I'm just looking for advice about  clavamox. I don't want to make 
him feel sicker but I'm not sure how he'd handle it - if it makes cats 

also, we did the neoplasene salve and it seemed to shrink the growth in his 
nose and
his other 2 lesions.  The vet recommended doing the salve again but at
this point, I'm not sure we will. 

Thanks so much,
Stacy and Spanky


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