The probiotics might be a good idea - some good bacteria in the tummy/ gut, and certainly providing nutrients. Might try syringing some chicken/turkey baby food too. Sometimes just getting something into the belly helps.

Good luck - sending good vibes for Spanky.


On Nov 21, 2010, at 11:03 AM, Stacy Zacher wrote:

Hi Tracey:

Thanks for your reply. I actually do trust my main vet, he is very open minded and looks at all my research and does research as well, and he actually does acupuncture and chinese herbs. He referred me to the specialist/derm once so she could have a look at his lesions and see if she thought they were cancerous. she suggested biopsy/ surgery which he would never be able to tolerate so we opted to try the neoplasene. It did shrink 3 of them after just one application but then I elected to not salve again right away in his present condition.

He's not any better today and just looking really terrible. I'm going to see if I can try to get him into the vet. I am not sure if he has an infection, is more anemic or if he's just tired of fighting. In any case, it is very frustrating and disheartening and you just feel helpless and hopeless seeing your furbaby like this.

As far as him eating, he used to eat wellness grain free canned and dry. Now he eats whatever I can get him to eat which isn't much at all. I've been syringing food into him this past week and giving fluids. Even with the appetite stimulant, he's not very interested in food. I understand the importance of a high quality diet/ nutrition but if he won't eat, I have to just try to get him to eat something.....

Stacy and Spanky

--- On Sun, 11/21/10, Tracey Shrout <> wrote:

From: Tracey Shrout <>
Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] question on antibiotic
Date: Sunday, November 21, 2010, 6:24 AM

Hi Stacy,

It seems to me you care very much about Spanky and want to do the very best for him just like I would. It also sounds like you don't trust your vets so
much. I would suggest a holistic vet. I am very leery of all the
conventional meds as well and tend to think they may do more harm than good,
and they sometimes tend to mask the symptoms and not really cure the
underlying problem. I really don't like to give antibiotics, but if I
absolutely had to, I would also give them a probiotic as well to keep the good bacteria in check. Most vets carry Fortiflora that you can add to their food. I have been lucky with my felv+ kitty so far (and my other 4 neg's who range in age from 3-13), but I attribute their awesome health to their homemade raw diet which they have been on for over 2 years really has changed their life and mine...I wonder what you are feeding. To me, diet is extremely important. I'm sure this advice doesn't help much right now, and I understand being hesitant to give them something that may cause yet
another issue. I wish you and Spanky well.


On Sat, Nov 20, 2010 at 7:07 PM, Stacy Zacher <>wrote:


Spanky has not been doing well this week. He's very low energy more than normal, weak and won't get out of bed unless I pick him up and make him get up and walk around. He's been eating fair with an appetite stimulant and using his litter box - again when I get him up and take him near it. His gums and tongue seem okay for him - not white and he's on pet-tinic 2x per

When I took him to the dermatologist, she prescribed clavamox for him just in case he had an infection but then my regular vet had me hold off since we did the neoplasene salve on him. Now I am wondering if I should try giving him the antibiotic anyway "just in case". I gave him fluids for the past 2 nights also - 50 ml and last night almost 100ml because he's not drinking
very much.

In any case, I'm just looking for advice about clavamox. I don't want to make him feel sicker but I'm not sure how he'd handle it - if it makes cats

also, we did the neoplasene salve and it seemed to shrink the growth in his
nose and
his other 2 lesions. The vet recommended doing the salve again but at
this point, I'm not sure we will.

Thanks so much,
Stacy and Spanky

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