That's been my experience often w Clavamox. 

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On Nov 21, 2010, at 3:56 PM, <> wrote:

> Clavamox put Bob into full diaherrea.  he was miserable and we had a few 
> messes when he could not make it to the box.  this was from emergency vet on 
> a Sunday night.  got another that was easier on him, but he passed at the end 
> of that week.  thought about an autopsy, but decided not to cause him any 
> more abuse.  buried him in my 3rd plot in a flower garden.  i have 4 gardens 
> with buriel plots in them.  only plant shallow rooted things there.  then 
> Homie came down with crystals and urinary tract infection so we gave her a 
> shot that lasts 2 weks and does not cause so much discomfort.  also gave her 
> herbal pill from Only Natural Pet Store.  at the end of 30 days on the pill 
> she is free of crystals and infection.  lost the envelope they came in, but 
> developed by a Chinese dr and has as first ingredient dendrobium.  i was 
> desperate for something to get rid of the crystals.  she was retaining urine 
> and would not eat the special foods by Hill's and Purina for this problem.  
> she got lethargic, wouldn't eat or drink much and was trying to go all over 
> the house.  after a couple of days on this pill, she started on recovery and 
> by the end of the first week was almost back to normal which is a pain in the 
> ---.
> she delights in tormenting Annie and Nitnoy by sitting there and staring at 
> them.  now i am laying in a supply of Feliway.  I hesitated to get this, is 
> expensive and only had reviews by people who had tried it to go on, but as 
> bad as she was, i figured i had nothing to loose.
> ---- Gloria Lane <> wrote: 
>> Clavamox can be kind of hard on the digestive track sometime.  I know 
>> nothing about neoplasene salve. I dint know, i might try some other abx, if 
>> it were me, like amoxicillin or azithromycin .
>> Gloria
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>> On Nov 20, 2010, at 6:07 PM, Stacy Zacher <> wrote:
>>> Hi:
>>> Spanky has not been doing well this week. He's very low energy more than 
>>> normal, weak and won't get out of bed unless I pick him up and make him get 
>>> up and walk around. He's been eating fair with an appetite stimulant and 
>>> using his litter box  - again when I get him up and take him near it.  His 
>>> gums and tongue seem okay for him - not white and he's on pet-tinic 2x per 
>>> day.  
>>> When I took him to the dermatologist, she prescribed clavamox for him just 
>>> in case he had an infection but then my regular vet had me hold off since 
>>> we did the neoplasene salve on him.  Now I am wondering if I should try 
>>> giving him the antibiotic anyway "just in case".  I gave him fluids for the 
>>> past 2 nights also - 50 ml and last night almost 100ml  because he's not 
>>> drinking very much.  
>>> In any case, I'm just looking for advice about  clavamox. I don't want to 
>>> make him feel sicker but I'm not sure how he'd handle it - if it makes cats 
>>> nauseous. 
>>> also, we did the neoplasene salve and it seemed to shrink the growth in his 
>>> nose and
>>> his other 2 lesions.  The vet recommended doing the salve again but at
>>> this point, I'm not sure we will. 
>>> Thanks so much,
>>> Stacy and Spanky
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