See note below from Natalie - need help with felv mama and babies in 
Connecticut . 


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> Date: November 21, 2010 11:05:19 AM CST
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> Subject: FeLV question

> Gloria - I am in Mexico right now, am receiving all felvtalk mail but cannot
> post replies because my email address is not being accepted by the felvtalk
> monitor.....unfortunately, they just notified me....the question below is of
> the utmost importance and I was hoping to get some feedback on it for my
> friend with the problem (see below).
> Could you kindly post it for me. Thank you so much - Natalie
> P.S. Although it clearly says that my e-mail is sent from the correct
> address, it actually goes out as "gmail" from here (not listed as member of
> felvtalk!)
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> Subject: FeLV question
> Hi,
> I hope that someone might have some advice for a fellow animal rescuer in CT
> who has a problem, with which I cannot help her because I haven't had much
> exposure to FeLV over the years - please see her note below; any help would
> be much appreciated! Natalie
> "Help.  Do you guys have ANY ideas on what to do?  
> I rescued a mom cat and her 7 12-week old kittens.  They have been boarded
> and cared for at the vet hospital for one month, where mom was spayed and
> everyone received shots, deworming, etc.
> Mom has tested negative for FeLV three times.  The last two times using the
> IFA test.  Three kittens first tested borderline on the Snap test, then one
> month later tested positive on the IFA test.  One who originally tested
> negative ended up positive on the IFA test.  Everybody has been tested
> multiple times using both tests.  This leaves:
>    Mom - negative
>    2 kittens - negative
>    4 kittens - positive
> The veterinarians are all baffled.  Recommend to retest in 6 months, and to
> treat the negative ones as though they would be turning positive.  I still
> think the negative ones should be kept away from the confirmed positive
> ones.
> The catch is that I need to get them out of the vet, hopefully by Monday,
> and that I have no place to go with them now.  I am possibly looking at
> having to have them all put down which I don't know if I could bring myself
> to do it BUT I don't know of any other options.  Hard to believe in 25 years
> this has never happened to me.  I cannot bring them to our cat house, and I
> cannot bring them into my house.  I have NO place to isolate.
> Do you guys have ANY suggestions, ideas, resources, etc????  I am without
> options and running out of time....."
> Claudia
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