This is an FELV Persian, in Bella Vista, Arkansas, the northwest part near the Missouri/Arkansas border, toward Kansas, who doesn't have much time - any options? They say they're willing to transport... Any thoughts or takers?



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I have a problem. Over the last month I have taken in 4 persians. They all have been in rough shape and all found within a 2 block area. Appears a breeder is dumping in this area. Anyway the last one we took in yesterday and he is a very tiny male, black and white and has an old broken jaw (one of the others had a broken jaw too). Anyway he is a young guy (approx. 8 months old) and skin and bones. Took him to the vet yesterday as he looked awful and found out he has feline Luek. Did not know if you knew someone that would take a persian with leuk. I will hang on to him till tommorow and if you know anyone we will neuter
him and get him ready to go.
Let me know and I understand if you do not know anyone. This is a hard one.

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