Hi Stacy-I was thinking of you and Spanky today while I was at work-staring at 
Murphy's photo on my wall. Yes-we did use the Rutin, thanks to Dawn's tip and 
our vet was pleased with how it helped to clear his fluid out-he was on Lasix 
initially and I think we lowered the dose after about a week with the Rutin. I 
got the Rutin tablets and used a pill grinder-put it into #3 gelcaps that I get 
from the vet. I gave him 2 a day. It is a natural herb type thing (I as sooo 
scientific!). Perhaps some lasix and Rutin? The fluid was almost completely 
within weeks. I am purraying as hard as I can for you and your sweet baby. 
and Rosie...  missing the 5 boys so much!
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