Bless your heart, Stacy.  You are doing everything you possibly can for him.
I'll keep you both in my prayers.  Sending positive light,  Sara

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Hi everyone:

I was able to get Spanky in to the internal med specialist/oncologist
this morning. She reviewed his xrays and did an ultrasound and said
Spanky has a  mediastinal 3cm mass in front of his heart.  This is what
is causing the fluid. She said there isn't that much fluid actually it
is more the mass pushing on everything.  They offered to drain the
fluids but she didn't think it was causing any major distress at the
moment. She said the mass was not consistent with what lymphoma looks
like but was more globular and they could take a sample and send it in
but I elected not to put him through that. If it is a tumor, it is a

She said I can give rutin but she didn't think that would help
this type of fluids. she recommended I stop giving him immune support
and give prednisolone to try to shrink the mass and give him some breathing
I know about all the issues that come with giving him pred being felv
with no immune system but my gut says try it. She said if I didn't try
it, he could have a few days and more fluid, if I try it and it works
and offers him more comfort for now great, if I try it and he gets CHF,
he can be tapped or theb we know it just may not work.  In any case, I
didn't get him tapped and will just have to see how he'll do on the

Also I could do the coq10 still.  She said his heart looked good on the
ultrasound but of course I have
to watch his breathing. He was diagnosed as early-HCM and last
ultrasound he had showed no change in the status so I have fingers
crossed.  If I don't try it, I think he will have only days.  If I do
try it and it works he will have a bit of quality maybe. If I try it
and he goes into CHF I know he has hours.  Either way I think it is all
a crapshoot at this point.
Thanks to everyone on the lists for support and advice.  

Spanky and Stacy

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