Michael and family,
I was saddened to read that Lita has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  I can see her 
now in running the show up there in those green meadows.  She had an amazing 
life with your family and know you all gained so much by having her with you.  
We all thank Lita for being the inspiration for Second Chance Meows.  

You all are in our thoughts and prayers

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> tonight we lost our queen, Lita. our
> very first FeLV cat, she was 18 yrs old. 
> Lita started out as Pink at the SPCA. she was the house cat
> there for a few 
> years, and was given to me after finding out that my chemo
> had failed and what i 
> had would eventually kill me. This huge torte was a pissy
> old girl and would 
> hiss at everything. she at her best was about 20 lbs of
> pure joy. she would come 
> up to you and head butt you to get petted, and then jump in
> your lap and just 
> lay there.
> Lita died at home surrounded by those who loved her, laying
> on my daughters 
> jacket with her by her side petting her to the end
> Lita had been with us for 8 long years and had been treated
> for everything from 
> Uri's to arthritis, to the starting of a feline form of
> glaucoma, but she held 
> on and fought for all this time finally giving in to liver
> failure.
> Safe travels across the bridge Lita. you will be missed.
> thank you for making 
> Second Chance possible
> I know i don't send a lot of things here but we here at
> Second Chance try to do 
> the best we can while running a full house. Please remember
> that the smaller 
> rescues and homes like us do this from our own pockets.
> Please help the smaller 
> sanctuaries like ours continue to give love and hope to our
> furry families.
> http://secondchancemeows.chipin.com/second-chance-meows-xmas-fund-raiser
>  Michael Johnson
> Founder/Owner
> Second Chance Meows
> A FeLV Sanctuary
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