Hi Everyone,
I joined the Group in order to learn as much as I could about FeLV because  
my nephew has recently adopted an FeLV kitten. I have already learned so 
much  from the research and resources available through this group. I find it 
so  valuable and am greatly appreciative of all of you who have made this  
organization's resources available to some of us Newbies.
I could really use some specific help: 
1. Does anyone know of a great Vet in NYC who is knowledgeable and skilled  
at treating FeLV? I was hoping for someone who combines Eastern and Western 
2. Are there any of the experimental drugs that are on the web site's list  
that some of you have used that you think are helpful?
3. We have an excellent Chinese Herbalist doc outside of the city who  has 
helped me with my other pets. Does it make sense to try herbs, such as  
astragulus for the immune system under this doc's management? 
4. I read the archived info. on LTCI and am aware of all of the issues.  
But, has anyone had any recent success with it?
I am extremely frustrated with so many of my Vets who just throw up their  
hands and say very little can be done.  Maybe that's true, but at least I  
can try to help with food, supplements, etc. along with any meds. that might  
help. This whole situation breaks my heart.
Whatever ideas, help or support any of you can provide, please know that I  
will be extremely appreciative!
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