Hi everyone:

The specialist we saw last week called today to discuss Spanky's case/next 
steps after our visit last week. I told her how improved he was taking the 
prednisolone (running up the steps a lot and trying to run outside as well). I 
told her I was interested in further diagnosis/treatment at this point since he 
is doing so well and I know that could be very temporary. 

So, the plan is to take him in there tomorrow and they will do bloodwork (he is 
due), do an ultrasound and see the mass again and if he still has fluids in his 
chest. She said the pred can put them into remission quickly but it can be 
short-term. He's only been on it since last Wed but it is amazing how much 
better he feels on it.  If they still see a mass, they will sedate him and take 
a piece and
analyze. THey do in house analysis but if they question what they see, they 
will send out as well and that takes 24 hours to get the results back. 

Then depending on the analysis, we will figure out what type of treatment for 
him besides prednisolone if necessary.

Please send healing thoughts and purrayers for him tomorrow. Given his FELV+ 
status, I'm most worried about them taking a piece of him/sedation and risk of 
infection but wishing for a miracle and no more cranial mediastinal 2.5cm mass. 

He's been on prednisolone 5mg 2x per day, pet-tinic 1ml 2x per day, rutin 250mg 
2x per day and coq10 15mg per day with salmon oil. 
(I'm crossposting to the various lists we are on.)

Thanks everyone. 
Stacy and Spanky


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