I second that Andy!! It is a wonder drug!

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> Hi all,
> This is in reply to the poster  who asked about anyone with recent successes 
> with LTCI.  My 6 year old FELV + (since birth) cat, Aggie, has been on LTCI 
> since June and her bloodwork has improved a great deal.  For the first time 
> in her life, her WBC is firmly in the normal range.  Prior to this, "low 
> normal" of 4.2 was the best we had, and that was not often that it was that 
> high.  Usually 3.8 or 4.0 when we would run tests.  It was 4.8 as of the last 
> test a month or two ago (up from 2.0) two months prior.  
> She gets a shot every two weeks.  We started her when aspects of her 
> bloodwork started going steadily downhill: neutrophils, WBC, and platelets.  
> We were going to stretch it out to monthly, but she had a seizure when we 
> went longer (though now I suspect it might have been the insecticide that was 
> sprayed outside the house a few days before, --and she likes to sit at the 
> screen door) and it is two weeks for the forseeable future.  No seizures in 3 
> months (knock on wood), weight is good, and most recent bloodwork has been 
> the best of her life.  She also gets Alpha interferon daily (since birth--so 
> for 6 and a half years now), and I mix a little bit of astragalus into her 
> wet food every night (for the last year--since her surgery to remove an 
> adenocarcinoma of the salivary gland in July of 2009).
> While I don't think the LTCI is a cure, we did notice an improvement in 
> bloodwork, and the weight she started to lose came back.  I think it is 
> probably keeping her head above water.  I get weird when I talk about her 
> success--I'm always afraid I'm going to jinx her or something.  Stupid, I 
> know.
> I'm sorry I don't post more--when I try to hit the "reply" button at the 
> bottom of the "archives" page, it tells me it can't process my request.  But 
> hopefully this answers some of your questions!
> Happy to answer any more you may have.
> Andy 
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