I want to introduce myself and my very beautiful Ragdoll kitten Kelsea who
tested positive for FeLV in the bone marrow ( I know it is not a good thing)
.  Kelsea was diagnose with FeLV about 8 weeks ago.  Right now she is doing
wonderful on the treatment plan her vet has her on, which includes
Interferon, Atopic and a steroid.  She was on dimethylgycine to build up her
red blood cells, she has been off the dimethlgycine for about two weeks now.

At this point all her all her blood work is normal.  She is putting on
weight; over 2 pounds since her diagnoses. To look at this little one you
would not even know she was sick. : )

I’m hoping someone could let me know anything about LTCI.  I’m not thinking
about change Kelsea’s med now, since she is doing so well.  I would just
like a little more information on LTCI. i.e. what kind of success has it had
in FeLV.  I am also wondering what are the chances the FeLV will go into
remission if it is in the bone marrow? Kelsea’s vet tell me that the chances
are very low, but I just need to know if it has happen to anyone out there.

Many Purrr to all,

Kelsea and Sharon ( Kelsea’s Mom)
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