Congratulations on our new additions!!!!! I'm sure Murphy sent them your way :) 
I am so drawn to black kitties. I just lost mine this morning from 
complications from Stomatitis.  It seems many times they have realized they 
need super personalities to overcome the black kitty syndrome. I have had 
adopters come to our shelter & say they did not want to look at any black cats 
& then leave with a black cat because their personalities were just what they 
were looking for.

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Well, here we go into the fray!! After losing 5 FeLV+ boys in the past 1 1/2 
years and suffering the worst heartache and financial strain-we were down to 
just Rosie-littermate to 4 of the boys who passed first, a month apart, all by 
the time they were a year old. We just lost Murphy the end of October, he was 2 
1/2, and our big, elderly Aussie on Nov 6. We went to Petsmart to get some dog 
food and a local rescue had their adoptable kitties there. I had already asked 
the SPCA, been honest with Rosie's FeLV+ status-they said no kitty for me. I 
fell in love with 2 of the boys there and had picked one out-a semi long haired 
lilac colored kitty. He was so cuddly and also played tough with the other 
kittens-he was about 5 months old and fully vaccinated for the regular stuff 
neutered. I asked them to consult their vet about letting me adopt-they did and 
she said no problem!! They kept him an extra month and vaccinated him twice for 
FeLV. He had already tested negative for it. So "Miso" has been home for a week 
now and our home is active again-Rosie is playing-they chase each other all 
the house! Oh-Miso had been a feral baby-and had a badly infected eye which had 
to be removed-but he isn't hampered at all by it!! He is 100 mph all over the 
place and up the cat trees! When we went to pick him up, I visited the first 
kitty and he wants to live with us also-so we adopted him too-he's a solid 
black, compact kitty-mellow purr machine, also about 6 months old-the rescue 
people were so happy-he'd been with them for a long time-black kitty syndrome, 
guess. But I had gravitated to him first because my lap kitty that passed 2nd 
was Jack-a solid black boy who insisted on cuddling with me as soon as I got 
home every day and I missed him so much. So in a month, he will be coming home 
to our kitty disneyland-with a living room full of cat towers and pop tents, 
ball toys in the tracks and tons of kitty toys! I can't wait. But I think it 
helps to get older kittens who have already tested negative and then 
vaccinate-it may not be foolproof, but we are trying. Alice
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