I was not sure if getting a kitten would be the right thing for Rosie because 
she was so territorial when we brought Murphy home after he tested positive at 
the spay/neuter clinic and they were going to euthanize him if I didn't come 
pick him up quickly. She hissed and stalked him forever, but he was so mellow 
and stayed clear. At the time, she still had 2 of her brothers that she would 
cuddle up with and play with. After the 2nd brother passed, she walked the 
at night yowling and crying. It took a long time, but she finally stopped being 
mean to Murphy and they would lie side by side, birdwatching and they stayed 
fairly close to each other all day. Not the cuddly relationship, but they were 
company for each other. When Murphy passed, she again began to cry at night and 
spent alot of time sleeping. She checked out ok at the vet-she was just sad. 
When we brought Miso home, we had a large wire crate about 4 feet long with 2 
doors. He stayed in that most of the first few days. Rosie would charge at him, 
hissing and screaming-not a pretty sight. When he was eating or drinking, she 
tried to smack him through the bars of the cage! We had to barracade that side 
of the cage. We began to let him out in short intervals. Luckily, he is about 6 
months old and as big as her and very outgoing. Oh-he also has only one eye, 
which was a concern-we trimmed her nails. He followed her everywhere, when 
turn to thump him, he laid down and was submissive, she would stop and walk 
away. He followed her everywhere-she did thump him a few times without using 
claws and it didn't faze him at all. He loved all the toys and was so busy that 
he drew her into playing a few times. Now it's been almost a week and they are 
inseparable, she has her spark back and is playing all the time. It's been a 
really long time since she's played like a kitten, since her brothers died over 
a year ago. She never did have that relationship with Murphy-he was too afraid 
of her, I think. This one eyed kitten is fearless and so full of energy! We 
adopted another kitten the same age, solid black, about 6 months old and he 
be coming home in 3-4 weeks, after his 2nd FeLV vaccine. I hope things go as 
well. Miso still gets crated at night and he's fine with it, still alot better 
than the small cages at the adoption center. I am so grateful for CATS (Cats 
About Town Society) rescue group for allowing us to adopt these sweet babies 
truly going the extra mile, getting them vaccinated and keeping them the extra 
month. They are all vaccinated, tested and FeLV negative, neutered, 
microchipped, clean and well socialized kittens that I have seen at the Natomas 
Petsmart near us (Sacramento, CA). I think keeping him in the big crate and 
letting her get used to him slowly the first few days really helped. I hope 
things go as well with the next one. I figured she was happy cuddling with her 
original brothers that it may work out fine. Also in the back of my mind is 
in case she becomes ill and passes away, the kittens will still have each 
We have learned the hard way that it can happen so quickly. We have tried so 
hard to save them, even a transfusion for Jack, but he had such a bad reaction 
that we asked them to stop. Ahh-here comes Rosie now with a toy mouse in her 
mouth that she just stole from Miso!! Life is good again.  Alice Flowers-Clark 
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