Good point Claudia.  I currently have 6 house kitties ranging in age from 18 yo 
to 14 wk old.  Zippity-doo-dah, the baby, is the only male.  I've found age 
plays more of a role in how well cats get along.  My 18 yo girl just ignores 
the rest and will put them in their place if they bug her.  She is a tortie and 
never been a lap kitty.  In my home anyway, they seem to group themselves by 

My next challenge is the 3 black and one black/white rescues I'm fostering in 
the bathroom.  They are approx. 16 weeks old and anxious to escape the 
bathroom.  Having 5 babies romping through the cottage could be quite a 
challenge for all of us.


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> Date: Friday, December 17, 2010, 4:19 PM
> I think it depends on the cat, I have
> knowns very sweet and friendly female cats 
> who like being with other cats, I know some others on here
> made genralizations 
> about female cats, but I wouldn't do that, I think it
> really depends on the cat, 
> jsut like I don't liek to generalize about people.
> Claudia


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