Yes, rescue group since 1992.
I have over 70 cats - in our house.  Huge garage, built condos there, and
they have outdoor enclosures for warmer weather. I use full-spectrum lights
and no one has been sick in years (unless they come in with something).
I put two large cages together, door to door, one half is for sleeping and
food, the other half for litter box. Liter boxes have holes punched on
edges, tied to cage with horrible accidents with the whole
box tipped....Then I use this double cage wherever the cat needs to be
introduced. Siometimes, it takes only a few days.  Then I open the cage, and
the new cat can use it freely fo privacy or not.  Most often, all the other
cats get into the cage (they love it!).
We also have built a screen door between a TV room and a bathroom where we
either introduce new cats to the others, or keep them when they're sick and
need to be medicated.  That way, they don't feel alone and can communicate
with other cats through the screen door.  I found a good site which I sent
it to the felvtalk group the other day - but it may have been too large and
not have gone through. Did you get it?
Am rushing right now - vet visits all afternoon.

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Natalie, I'd like to hear about your method of introductions. 
and I'd love to know how many cats you have. I assume you must
rescue too.

I have what I think is an excellent set up here. I have an entire
little guest cottage attached to our house that has never housed
guests other than cats :-) I have a screen door on the front and a
new cat lives in there for a few weeks while the other cats look at
him/her sniff, hiss etc.  When I finally let the new cat out they
are already well acquainted with my other cats.

I also own a cageless no kill shelter in a large building I bought in
town.  This is also for rescued cats, who can roam through 4 large
rooms furnished second hand furniture, cat condos etc. Oddly enough
the cats there get along fine, so I wonder if my cats at home are
fighting for my attention??  I give them all pets, kisses, bushing
and lap time, but when several cats want to get on my lap at once all
hell breaks loose :-(


>12-19, Natalie wrote:

> We probably have the largest number of cats!  Everyone gets along
> because of the way I introduce new ones.  There are a few cats who
> would love to be the "only" cat, but have learned to co-exist. 
> They know each others' space and respect it.  Once in a while,
> there's a little melee...nothing serious! Some make individual
> friends, others make group friends..a few are loners. They are so
> grateful to have a roof over their heads, a warm dry place to crash
> and plenty of food - some don't even use the outdoor enclosure(s)
> during the warm months!

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