Wow, Natalie, that is impressive.  You definitely have a lot
more cats than we have.  I'd take in more if my hubby and I
weren't so ancient (77 and 88)  but I'm afraid when we die
we'll leave a bunch of orphans. It's a constant worry, and 
we have no rescue group to help...... We're it!

No, I didn't get that site. 


> On 12-20, Natalie wrote: Yes, rescue group since 1992. I have over
> 70 cats - in our house.  Huge garage, built condos there, and they
> have outdoor enclosures for warmer weather. I use full-spectrum
> lights and no one has been sick in years (unless they come in with
> something). I put two large cages together, door to door, one half
> is for sleeping and food, the other half for litter box. Liter
> boxes have holes punched on edges, tied to cage with
> horrible accidents with the whole box tipped....Then I use this
> double cage wherever the cat needs to be introduced. Sometimes, it
> takes only a few days.  Then I open the cage, and the new cat can
> use it freely fo privacy or not.  Most often, all the other cats
> get into the cage (they love it!).

> We also have built a screen door between a TV room and a bathroom
> where we either introduce new cats to the others, or keep them when
> they're sick and need to be medicated.  That way, they don't feel
> alone and can communicate with other cats through the screen door. 
> I found a good site which I sent it to the felvtalk group the other
> day - but it may have been too large and not have gone through. Did
> you get it?  Am rushing right now - vet visits all afternoon.
> Natalie

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