It is amazing how many people don't bother to provide but trust friends, family, whomever to take care of their little friends...........that is why so many go to the pound, are killed, or..............
On Dec 20, 2010, at 5:29 PM, Natalie wrote:

YES, we have provided for them, and I want someone to continue the actively assessing younger people who work here, how they interact with cats, reliability, etc. I still have a few good years in me......unless I'm
hit by a bus tomorrow....Natalie

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Consider providing for them in your will.  I had a lawyer draw up one
leaving everything in trust for the care of my guys.
On Dec 20, 2010, at 2:55 PM, Lorrie wrote:

Wow, Natalie, that is impressive.  You definitely have a lot
more cats than we have.  I'd take in more if my hubby and I
weren't so ancient (77 and 88)  but I'm afraid when we die
we'll leave a bunch of orphans. It's a constant worry, and
we have no rescue group to help...... We're it!

No, I didn't get that site.


On 12-20, Natalie wrote: Yes, rescue group since 1992. I have over
70 cats - in our house.  Huge garage, built condos there, and they
have outdoor enclosures for warmer weather. I use full-spectrum
lights and no one has been sick in years (unless they come in with
something). I put two large cages together, door to door, one half
is for sleeping and food, the other half for litter box. Liter
boxes have holes punched on edges, tied to cage with
horrible accidents with the whole box tipped....Then I use this
double cage wherever the cat needs to be introduced. Sometimes, it
takes only a few days.  Then I open the cage, and the new cat can
use it freely fo privacy or not.  Most often, all the other cats
get into the cage (they love it!).

We also have built a screen door between a TV room and a bathroom
where we either introduce new cats to the others, or keep them when
they're sick and need to be medicated.  That way, they don't feel
alone and can communicate with other cats through the screen door.
I found a good site which I sent it to the felvtalk group the other
day - but it may have been too large and not have gone through. Did
you get it?  Am rushing right now - vet visits all afternoon.

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