Great idea.I can't do that with my house because my husband co owns it (and
has kids) but I gave my vehicle to the trust (so the cats can get to the
guardian who lives in another state) and also a lump sum so the guardian can
add on to their house. I made the requirements for ongoing reimbursement
VERY loose for the guardian's ease.

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Have you considered setting up a trust and including the house in the trust.


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We had actually set up a Foundation, but now find that we will change it to
a Fund instead.  Advice from lawyers was non-existent, I had to find out the
hard way.  We are also thinking of leaving the house to someone who would
continue the work, but again - how does one trust someone to do that - and
who should oversee it - it's not easy. What really gets to me, as a rescuer,
is how relatives of someone who dies could just ignore their pets, whether
it's one or many!  I get those calls, and always ask "your mother, aunt,
uncle, etc. loved the pet(s), don't you feel some kind of responsibility to
care for them?  It falls on dead ears.  When my mother died, I couldn't take
her cats because they were elderly, used to their spaces, some very skittish
rescues...I tried contacting Chicago rescue groups, not to place them, but
to see if anyone there might be interested in taking care of them.  Two
young women and a man from a well-known group (Treehouse) happened to be at
a conference on the East Coast, and came to be interviewed. All seemed fine,
until he found out that there was a basement and that he could play his
drums there....need I say more? Through a friend, I found a woman who had
her own 12 cats and needed to move - bingo!  There's only one cat left now,
and I could easily bring him here, but at almost 18, Arsenio is too old, and
I might as well wait until he dies without disrupting his life. I also
contacted veterinarians in the area.  The thing to watch for is someone who
wants free boarding and may not take good care of the animals.  There must
be someone to oversee them, too - but who?  A lawyer who doesn't know squat
about cat care?  We have the cats and dog in our will, but there are so many
details to think of, and you know that something will be forgotten! Whenever
I get a call from someone whose relative died, all of this comes into focus
again.  And I don't have all the answers.  Maybe we could all pool our
thoughts on this????

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Lorrie, that is something I lay awake at night worrying about myself...not
only my own cats, but the ferals I have TNR'd and care July I was
hospitalized for almost three weeks....thank goodness my husband was able to
care for them (well, as much as he could)....but I hesitate to do any more
rescue work because I am not a spring chicken any more...and who will take
them if and when I die?  Some of my cats came from very bad places and have
trust issues....most are not very friendly to strangers....and I don't make
the kind of money where I can provide a lot even IF I could find someone I
could trust...I'm not sure there is a perfect solution....we just do the
best we can.

~ When the world says, "Give up," hope whispers, "Try it one more time" ~ 

> Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2010 06:56:11 -0500
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> Subject: [Felvtalk] Finding homes for cats upon death
> My parents left me enough money to comfortably provide for 
> all my cats, BUT the question that concerns me is WHO will
> care for them? I have three grown kids and grown grandkids
> and all of them love cats, but they have a bunch of their own.
> I would like to find someone to move into our house and take
> care of them. I'd even give them the house, and it's a very nice
> house in a resort area on a lake in the eastern mountains of WV.
> So far in my will I've left 1,000 per cat to help them find
> good homes, but how do I know someone won't take the money and
> dump the cat?
> I worry about my fur babies constantly. They are my life. If
> anyone has any good ideas about what I can do please e-mail me
> personally.
> Lorrie 
> On 12-20, MaiMaiPG wrote:
> > Consider providing for them in your will. I had a lawyer draw up one 
> > leaving everything in trust for the care of my guys.
> > On Dec 20, 2010, at 2:55 PM, Lorrie wrote:
> > 
> > >Wow, Natalie, that is impressive. You definitely have a lot
> > >more cats than we have. I'd take in more if my hubby and I
> > >weren't so ancient (77 and 88) but I'm afraid when we die
> > >we'll leave a bunch of orphans. It's a constant worry, and
> > >we have no rescue group to help...... We're it!
> > >
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