The trust issue is a big thing with 2 of mine.  Annie went through a lot when 
yher owner died.  i think the worst of it was not knowing what happened to her 
owner.  she had been an only cat for 4 years, sleeping on the lady's bed, super 
spoiled.  then she was locked up for 3 weeks with someon  coming to feed and 
change her box.  then put in a box and brought to the vet's office and then 
came to my house where she encontered another cat and 2 new people.  she spent 
the first 2 weeks in the basement, sneaking pu at night to eat and drink.
Nitnoy showed up with a bloody 4" stump of a tail.  took her to the vet for 
repairs and shots and spaying and then brought her home to 7 other cats.  I 
later found her tail in the yard and discovered it was a raccoon who did it 
when one showed up on the deck and looked in the window.  she went balistic and 
nearly killed me trying to get away from him.  she is still sensitive about her 
tail and after almost a year allows me to hold her.  That is why I think a 
place like Rustic Hollow would be good for my girls and boy, they have a "home" 
environment to live in.  I am also going to send a letter for each one telling 
about all their personalities, etc.  I am doing the letters now just in case.  
I am 70 after all.  I have also arranged with someone to drive them to Rustic 
---- Lorrie <> wrote: 
> On 12-21, Debbie Bates wrote:
> > 
> > Lorrie, that is something I lay awake at night worrying about
> > myself...not only my own cats, but the ferals I have TNR'd and care
> > July I was hospitalized for almost three weeks....thank
> > goodness my husband was able to care for them (well, as much as he
> > could)....but I hesitate to do any more rescue work because I am
> > not a spring chicken any more...and who will take them if and when
> > I die?  Some of my cats came from very bad places and have trust
> > issues....most are not very friendly to strangers....and I don't
> > make the kind of money where I can provide a lot even IF I could
> > find someone I could trust...I'm not sure there is a perfect
> > solution....we just do the best we can.
> I know exactly how you feel........ All of my 14 cats, with the
> exception of 2, are afraid of strangers, which is the case with 
> most rescued cats or rehabilitated semi-ferals.
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