hi everyone,
Whimsy went for his check up yesterday and we didn't put him under this time.   
However, he went into 'frozen' mode, and it stressed him greatly. He was very 
well behaved, just petrified.  He is very angry, depressed, scratching on his 
doors to get out today. He was yowling this morning at the doors.   He hasn't 
eaten yet today either - just sniffs and walks away.  I am not a big fan of 
vaccines in general, and was very torn, but ended up getting him rabies only, 
because he is a flight risk still.  I don't know if his demeanor is a 'mild' 
vaccine reaction, or a stress related one, or both.  He does not seem to have a 
fever, although he's not a kitty I can easily check this on; gums are healthy 
I am deeply grateful that his blood work was perfect (did a full panel); I did 
repeat snap test, just in case, and the FeLV was positive still and FIV 
negative.  His heart/lungs sound good, and his mouth, etc., look just fine as 
I just talked to my vet and she will call in a cypro rx if we need it  and is 
available all through the weekend for us (we love her!!) (though he might be a 
nightmare to pill, ditto with syringe feeding). I know all the other tricks, so 
I will let him nap for awhile and see if I can tempt him at dinner time.
wishing you and your furbabies a Merry Christmas,
Shannon and Whimsy

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