Cypro is also used to enchance their appetite.
Cypro has many uses.

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Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Whimsy not eating again
From: Lorrie <>
Date: Sun, December 26, 2010 8:35 am

Shannon, I don't remember all the details about Whimsy, but it sounds
like he may need Prozac rather than Cypro. Cypro is an antibiotic,
and if he doesn't have an infection, but is merely upset and agitated
I wondered why Cypro was suggested??


On 12-26, Emeraldkittee wrote:

> after a good morning yesterday, now Whimsy is refusing to eat
> again.? Tuna, sardines, treats, nothing - have to try KFC today.?
> He is having bursts of playing alot, wants to cuddle, then gets
> pissed off and kicks litter out of his box, paces around crying and
> begging to go outside.? He is depressed and angry.? I just can't
> wrap my head around letting him out in all that snow and cold -
> after we made such progress.?We live off a busy street - it's
> everything we?got away from with him.?The other thing is now he
> knows we live on the other side of the door with other kitties.?
> Everything was fun until this dr apt and the outside door to his
> room froze over.? ? I am going to get my vet to call in a cypro
> rx, but how I will pill this guy, I have no idea.? ? this is so
> heartbreaking, in light of his excellent check up.? ? argh.
> Shannon ? ?

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