I am so sorry to hear this, I totally feel your pain.  I wondered if they get 
so stressed at the vet they also clench their teeth and maybe some how hurt 
their tongue/mouth, so it hurts to chew?  It sounds silly, but I was trying to 
think of everything.  I am so glad the cypro is working for you.  I just picked 
up the compounded intradermal kind, since I can't pill Whimsy.
we'll be sending you good thoughts and hope they both return to normal asap.

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Subject: [Felvtalk] Boo not eating either
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Date: Monday, December 27, 2010, 3:30 PM

My foster FeLV kitty Boo is not eating, either. Shelter ran full blood work 
which was normal & had 2 vets look her over. She swallows a lot like you do 
when you are coming down with a cold, but the vets said she had no fever & her 
throat looked OK. She ate 2 small pieces of chicken & some baby food off my 
finger last night. Ate 1/2 jar of baby food with the help of Cyproheptadine 
this morning. She is at the shelter awaiting a vet appointment. hopefully 
tomorrow. I hate not being with her.

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