I have to say, while our monthly clinic vet does pediatric spay/ neuter, I wouldn't trust every one to do it, and I understand the term "chop shops". Compared with other local clinics, I think we do batter "aftercare" for cats in recovery than any of the others and that's so important. Can't just put them in a cage or carrier after surgery, and leave them. Fortunately we have a good system, and we all trust our vet, who is good with pediatric s/n, and he's also fast - amazing to watch him versus some of the other vets. Knowing the vet and trusting are so important. Otherwise I'd wait a while too.


On Dec 27, 2010, at 7:58 PM, Kelley Saveika wrote:

I figure that amazingly enough he's been to vet school and I haven't. The local low cost spay and neuter places (I call them chop n shops) will do them at 3 months, but their primary concern is that all animals be spayed
and neutered no matter what, and they killed one of our kittens with a
botched spay - never again. Our current vet does them at 6 months because
his concern is the health of each individual animal - and I like that.

We have never had anyone get pregnant.

If they are not altered we adopt out on foster to adopt, which means we still own the animal and they are fostering. It works if you can keep up
with it.  We never transfer ownership on an unaltered animal.

On Mon, Dec 27, 2010 at 5:10 PM, Lorrie <felineres...@kvinet.com> wrote:

Kelley, Our vet says exactly the same thing, so we s/n at 6 months.

On 12-27, Kelley Saveika wrote:
We do ours at 6 months; our vet will not do them before that, and from
I've read about the bad possible side effects of early s/n in dogs I
blame him.

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