Wow, Shannon, that is fabulous news! And really weird since it sounded like
once he got out he would never want to come back in. Most of our cats have
been outdoor cats before they came here (3 were feral, one a stray) and when
they look out the window at the subzero winter we wish there was a way to
let them know how much better off they are inside. Luckily none of them ever
really made an issue of it, and it's so cool that Whimsy seems to be
satisfied now as well. 

Diane R.

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After a stressful, scary week, Whimsy, aka the Whimzinator, is back and
better than ever.  I knew all he wanted was to go out, so relunctantly, I
took him in the yard with me for an hour in the cold, and he was thrilled. 
he sniffed, walked around, and then ran back in. He was satisfied, had his
fill.  He literally came back to life in front of my eyes.  He hasn't wanted
to go out since, and we don't have any plans to do so.  Just to build his
enclosure.  It was against everything I believe is right, but I felt him
telling me it was the only way he'd eat again.  I really felt he would die
if he didn't get to do this.  The pepcid injections helped too - but right
after he ran in, he ate again, after barely eating for 6 days.  He's now
back to where he was calorie wise, and is even more loving and cuddly...
go figure...
thank you everyone for your help.  And thank you for the suggestions on
nausea - i think he got a sour tummy from being upset, and created a big
problem for himself.  your suggestions made me remember i could get pepcid
injections (since we can't pill him) and this was great.
Shannon and the royal cat Whimsy

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