Call around to your local vets and have them take your name and number, that 
the ignorant people whom think death is the only way to "help" a FeLV cat have 
another option... you... 

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there are places for FeLV cats. you just have to look real hard for them.  

like us try and keep a low profile so we can keep numbers to a minimum. that 

the cats, that others wanted to kill, get the love and attention they deserve.

Michael Johnson
Second Chance Meows
A FeLV Sanctuary

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You cannot believe how many people, when they find out that their cat is
FeLV positive, ask the vets to immediately kill them!  My vet, is the last
one to ask - he will NEVER do it.  But there are many vets who actually
suggest to their clients that the kindest thing to do is to put them out of
their misery, when they're not even exhibiting any symptoms yet.  I get
calls from such people, asking if I would take their cat - my response is,
why can't you keep the cat you claim to love so much?  I happen to have two,
because I had no choice, but I wasn't going to throw them out, not accept
them, or have them killed. They're wonderful cats, but I doubt that anyone
will adopt them - so I will have them for life. I wish there were a decent
place for FeLV cats - but as nice as some of them may appear, they are NOT -
not in this area.

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Just wanted to share something I have encountered - we are considering a pal
for Whimsy, and have been in touch with wonderful, amazing rescues,
shelters, and fosters.  I have encountered many times kitties who have never
had an IFA and sometimes only one ELISA.  Obviously, this doesn't sit quite
right with me, and I need an IFA.  Of course, it's an expensive test and
totally understandable why it's not done as much.  I have offered to pay for
one (for a kitty who has lived in a cage for a year) and wish I could get
all of those in question this luxury.  It's a dilema I didn't anticipate.  I
have had to explain on many occasions what it is as well.  

I'm so touched by all the passion and committment out there for these
special kitties.  You wouldn't believe the long, stunned silence on the
phone when I ask "Do you have any Feline Leukemia kitties for adoption?" 
I've had shelter people shout for joy and almost cry at my inquiry.  It's
also made me aware of where I will be directing my donations to.  My
favorite local shelter takes care of these guys, but I am definitely going
to redirect my other donations to smaller groups that care for these
sweethearts - that welcome them with open arms.  

I realize, too, that having Whismy come into my life, for however long it
may be, has made me an advocate for FeLV adoptions, and when you start see
how many people you can inform, you truly see how to effect change.  It may
be one person in one waiting room at your vet clinic, but if that gives one
of these cats the chance to live out their years, it is definitely powerful
action.  The horror of the inital diagnosis seems to disipate and you
see...yes, we can handle it; if not us, who? 

Shannon and Whimsy

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