Hi, Czadna --

Thanks for caring for, and about, this little girl. I can't offer any direct
advice about treatment of this current crisis, but it sounds like you're
doing all the right things. 

The good news is that if you can get her past this respiratory thing, FIV
positive cats are generally easier to care for than FeLV+ cats. The FIV (not
"Feline AIDS" by the way -- the major similarity between human and feline
immune-deficiency is the suppressed immune system, and FIV acts and is
treated differently from AIDS -- I mention this because people do still go
crazy when you say AIDS). FIV is not easily transmitted (much like FeLV) and
an asymptomatic FIV kitty may live long and healthily. 

Obviously the respiratory problem is not to be taken lightly, it's just this
sort of stuff that the immune deficiency makes so much worse. Vibes that you
can get Laura Jean through it and that she can get all the way healthy again
despite her FIV status. Best of luck!

Diane R.

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Laura Jean came to my patio on Thanksgiving Day with bulging flanks, goopy
eyes and respiration issues.
Rescue friends offered antibiotics.
She tested positive for feline AIDS at a vet.  SHE IS SWEET!!.  I cannot
afford imaging and lab work , . . .
Like many of us my plate contains enough for 2 people with my feline
leukemia family, . hey live elsewhere than my apartment.. .
She was treated for tape and round worms which really helped a lot. Vet
prescribed azithromycin.  We had used amoxicillin and cephalexin.  She has
not been real responsive to antibiotics for her breathing. Quite
unresponsive actually.   I started her back on them today, Saturday.  She
had been isolated in the bedroom of my one bedroom apartment and has been
pulling her hair out since she arrived.  This week her bowel movements are
mostly hair.  Humidty helps her breathing a lot.  She has a good appetite.
I put her in a big cage in the other area of the apartment thinking that
maybe the hair pulling was anxiety..  I tried to position so she cannot rub
noses with the other cats.  It has been really calm.  She has been flea
treated. Flea combing finds nothing.   There are 2 6 month-old kittens plus
an adult female in the main part of the apartment.  One kitten has not been
tested or vaccinated for FIV/leukemia..
P.S.  Sunday a.m.   she did not pull fur out all day but when I put her back
in cage in bedroom for night she took a big chunk of fur into her mouth.  a
rough night.  up taking a shower to help her breathing.  a couple hours
later gave her homemade chicken broth.  abdomen was really tight.  bowels
did move well later - - this time cooked sweet potato which she had devoured
in preference to her other food.  breathing sounds damp - - sneezes after
give antibiotic.    she is not a candidate for euthanasia at this time.
eyes not running. no strings of mucus when give antibiotic.  thinking back
to vet tomorrow.
Any comments will be appreciated.  Thank you.

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