It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful and caring people in this group are.
Everyone: have a wonderful day.

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I am sorry that I cannot take this baby, sounds perfect for my group. However, I am in a tight financial situation myself and am supporting 7 rescues of my own. I will pray for Weasely and family. Especially for the husband who is taking chemo. I have been thru that and know how hard it is. I will add them to our church prayer list and all the other churches in our community.
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I passed this on to a friend in FL.

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I was not able to attach a picture, but please e-mail me if anyone would
like pics especially if you are able to help spread the word for this SUPER
sweet kitty Weasley.

Weasley has twice tested FELV+ on snap tests and the rescuer does not have funds for an IFA. It is a bit of a complicated story, my friend who rescued him was volunteering at a high volume low-cost "spay day" when sweet little Weasley was brought in, he had horrible scabies and the person who brought
him wouldn't keep him and he was going to be euthanized.   My friend took
him home, treated him for scabies (he was neutered at the clinic but not
tested), and came accross another rescue volunteer who wished to adopt him, which she did but he since tested + for FELV twice and so she returned him. Since his history is unknown, we do not know if he was born with it/infected
as a kitten or more recently as a teen on the streets.

My rescue friend is in a difficult situation, she is one who saves so many cats that no one else steps up to help and is loaded with more than 30 cats
and fosters, including several very hard to place special needs cats
(including a somewhat traumatized, 4 paw declaw deaf white kitty who was
living on the streets and needs a home badly as well), and her young husband is going through chemo for a brain tumor. She is a graduate student with a lot on her hands and mounting cat situations and has no where to keep this sweet boy separate other than caged, she has to be careful since she has so
many fosters to be adopted out who can't be exposed.

Weasley is so sweet and described to have the personality of a puppy!  He
has a shortie tail, about 1/3 - 1/2 of a regular tail, making him even
cuter.  I was told he is about 6 months old.

If anyone in Florida can help find a foster or permanent home for Weasley,
they may contact me or my friend Olya @

Thanks for reading!

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