Heather, I rescued a pair of FeLV kittens.  Sissy always had enlarged lymph 
nodes especially at her neck.  Rocket never did.  I tried several things but 
never helped.  I feed her the highest quality food she would eat supplemented 
with L-lysine, B12, folic acid.  I enjoyed 4 years with my sweet Sissy.

Love and treasure Squiggy every day.  That really is the best medicine.

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My boy, Squiggy, was diagnosed with feline leukemia about 6 months ago.  He
has stayed pretty healthy since, with just one secondary infection that was
treated with antibiotics.  But the lymph nodes in his throat are swollen and
stay that way all the time,  Sometimes they are larger than others but they
are always swollen.  My vet doesn't seem concerned by this.  She just says
it is a symptom of the FeLv.  But it concerns me becasue that is what made
me take him to the vet 6 months ago.  His lymph nodes were swollen and he
was having trouble breathing.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Is there
anything I can do for him diet or medication wise to decrease the swelling?
He also has a licking issue.  He will lick everything.  But when I had a
bloodwork check on him the vet said it looked good.  That he was just
slightly anemic but very good for a FeLv cat.  I feed him wet food in the
morning and add Lysine powder and Missing Link to it.  Any other
recommendations?  I would really appreciate any advice.  He is eating well
and maintaining his weight but I want to stay as far ahead of the disease as
I can.  I do some rescue work out of my house and lost a very young kitten
to FeLv already.  Squiggy was rescued from a chemical plant but was such a
standout sweet kitten that I couldn't bring myself to give him up.  Thank
you for your help.
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