I'm not sure who to ask about this, or if this message is able to be put in the 
daily mailings, but:

Does anyone happen to know any responsible groups or people in the south 
(preferably in Louisiana) that take in FeLV positive cats? I've been rescuing 
cats and kittens at a house, and one of the kittens has turned up FeLV 
positive. I have a feeling that the others will be too since they all share the 
same water source and cuddle up together outside, so I'd like to find out where 
I can try to place these guys after/if I am able to tame them.

The girl I have right now is spayed and is the sweetest little girl. She is 
about 5-6 months old, incredibly playful and loves to curl up on me at night, 
and give me kisses! I have 4 other cats that are negative right now, so I 
cannot keep her- even if she were negative, I would not be able to keep her. 
Can anyone please offer me any suggestions or group names to begin with? I'd be 
more than happy to make a small donation to a responsible group/person who 
would take her!

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