My kitties have suddenly begun playing paws under the door of my rescued IFA
positive FeLV cat and I'm wondering how worried I should be?

I'm kind of worried but it seems he likes to do this and I don't want to
take it away from him as it's his only kitty interaction - he hasn't had any
or been interested  - since I caught him a year ago. Their paws can't get
all the way under the door -  the gap is about a half inch high  - but they
get about halfway and he can get about halfway, so I think they do touch,
even if it's only for a moment.

I wash everything separately, and I wear flip flops in his room (although I
leave them outside the door. :() I don't change clothes after playing with
him, but I do wash my hands/arms. He's about 10 years old, from what the
neighborhood people have told me, and he's been confirmed IFA positive FeLV
and  FIV positive since I rescued him a year ago.

I can see he's been feeling better and better and getting more energetic as
I've dewormed him, along with steady food/water/care. So I imagine he may
start trying to instigate paws himself, soon. He's got a window but even
that gets old, I imagine.

Anyone have any thoughts on how much increased risk there is /concern I
should have with playing paws?

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