You will get a lot of wonderful advise today. Sort through it and follow your heart. The following is for your consideration: Find a holistic/alternative vet to work with your regular vet. I have the names of a couple who may be able to guide you if you don't know one. I credit Dixie's high quality years with me (she was a throw- away) to Betty Bosewell and her ability to work with my regular vets at Middletown Animal Clinic (they referred me to Betty originally). She sees the two very tiny kittens Dixie sent me from the pine thicket and they are very large, happy, healthy boys.

Give your friends the very best food you can--that that has the least artificial stuff in it.

Give all of you as stress free life as possible.

Throw away the calendar. You have no control over when you or your friends leave this world. You provide for them as best you can and follow your heart. Talk to your friends (four-legged)...they will provide guidance....honest. Give them lots of love because that is what they give you.
On Jan 19, 2011, at 8:46 PM, Megan Geckler wrote:

Hello All,

I had only heard whispers about FeLV until Monday of this week.

Our little 1.5 year old Bengal, Yoko, tested positive for FeLV (on an ELISA
test, the IFA test is being processed right now). She presented with
puddle-poo and intense vomiting. At first, we thought that she might have eaten something strange. She is a Bengal... However - upon X-Rays and an Ultrasound - SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth) was diagnosed. Her
intestines were riddled with bacteria. She is currently on 2 meds - an
antibiotic and a steroid.

I just got her blood panels back today and her Red Blood Cell count is off the chart at 12.22 million/uL, and her HGB is high @ 17.3 (normal 9.5-15 g/dL) and her HCT is high @ 51.2 (normal 29-45%), her absolute lymphocyte is
low @1387 (normal is 1500-7000.

I am hoping for a false positive since she tested negative a year ago and hasn't been in contact with any other cats since we got her from the breeder besides our (now) 10 year old male Tabby, who tested negative every 2 years
and today as well.

Other than this instance (which happened on Friday) she has been tight as a drum - very energetic, talkative, loving and playful. I just hope we caught
it early.

We were beside ourselves at the first mention of FeLV, but after doing my research and googling like crazy, I have learned so much about the disease and how it can be managed to help the cats live a long healthy life. You will be pleased to know that my vet is 100% behind us and could not be more thrilled that we are trying to control her issues (she has some other issues Lipase, Albumin and Total Protein, Cholesterol and Chloride were all super high, so we're going to try doing a homecooked food. We had been feeding her Avoderm Seafood Formula until now. We have transitioned to Royal Canin Duck
until I master the home cooked flavor that the cats will love.

You all are so hypervigilant and I think that is great, wanting to do the best for your pets as long as you can. Yoko was brought into our house after our cat Mercury died from renal failure. We kept him alive for 2 years on SubCu fluids, appetite increasing meds, and steroids - all done from our living room. We consider those 2 years extra borrowed time and were thrilled
to have done all we could for him in his 13 year old life.

Here's hoping everyone is having a good cat day today.

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