Thank you for offering to take the cat to the vet for a check
up. From what you've told us it sounds like the person who has
this cat needs help too (psychological help) I'm guessing the 
cat will be much happier in a new home!

On 01-19, Emeraldkittee wrote: thanks, Laurie, I appreciate you
> chiming in. ? yes, he is neutered, he wandered into her yard fixed,
> many years ago.? She gave the cat to the relative, then a
> boyfriend, then the relative again.? The kitty doesn't get daily
> attention, since she doesn't live there, which is why I really want
> to assess the situation.? Now she isn't sure?about the size of the
> space we can provide- one day we're great, the next day, she's got
> misgivings.?As far as the masturbation thing, she said she asked
> the vet several years ago and was told the kitty is bored and
> lonely. I agree, the kitty needs a vet - 'very thin' makes me want
> to check his thyroid and blood sugar.? It's hard to get her to stay
> focused, she rambles about other things; I know I'm dealing with
> more than a sad kitty here.?

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