Hi James and all,
I hope all is well on the home front!
Yes, the list is quiet and I'm getting all replies when they are posted.
Your right no news is good news especially with this group of wonderful people and kitties.

I always have you all in my thoughts and prayers with this horrible disease.
I pray each day for a cure for this as well.
As promised I've said this since day one (I think about 11-12 years ago) I will eat a piece of cheesecake for celebration and in memory of those we loved & lost battling this disease when the cure is found.
Just so you know I hate cheesecake!
Also, we had a good day on the 16th of this month as we celebrated the late Taz's life and memory with many.
All rescues and personal kitties got the extra pampered treatment this day.
We do this every year!

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Date: Mon, January 31, 2011 9:04 am
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The list has been rather quiet. As mentioned before, I
hope no news is good news. Also (in case you missed the
announcement), we have a forum for folks who'd like to
post in that format. It's at: http://felineleukemia.org/forums/
If you've subscribed, but I haven't confirmed you yet,
please let me know privately. Best wishes to all.

James G. Wilson - phaed...@charter.net
http://www.felineleukemia.org (FeLV Research & Support)
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