Good supplements with Vitamin C, Biotin (Nickers), and CoQ10 in powder in
capsules (GNC Vegetarian formula) - regular oil in capsules hard to squeeze
out all oil from capsules.....I give all FIV/FeLV and heart patients 50mg

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Subject: [Felvtalk] FeLV+ 7 mo Kitten--Test Protocols & Nutritional Support,
Meds, to boost Immunity?

Dear Kitty Lovers,

One of my rescued kittens rested positive for leukemia. She was tested at 4
5 mos, then 7 mos-- all positive on the ELISA. My vet says if she retests 
positive on the ELISA in 2 mos, she's definitely positive. Others say we
need to 
do the IFA to get the more accurate results. She looks healthy, but still
for her age, she recently had a mild cold which went away w/Amoxi dosge.

At this point, the chances of her fighting off a FeLV infection are not
right? With that said, if anyone has nutritional supplements, food 
recommendations, and other ideas on how to provide her with the best
support/boosts, please let us know!

I keep hearing about Interferon, but I don't know anyone else w/a felv
kitten or 
cat, so any advice would be appreciated! My vet is relatively new to this 
disease, he only sees the kitties w/feLV when its really gotten bad...



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